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Introducing 121 Regent Street; Burberry's London Flagship

With London Fashion Week come and gone, Christopher Bailey has left me speechless – quite an impossible thing if you know me! After watching those drool worthy metallic trenches down the runway, I knew I had to check out their LARGEST flagship that opened recently. The new 44,000 square foot London house of Burberry, with 27,00 square feet of just pure retail (I’m already dead), is now gracing 121 Regent Street with its presence. The unit aspires to ‘blend a brick-and-mortar experience with a digital one’, and to entice customers with visual distractions, aside from a stage for live events and digitally superior service. The whole store is completely designed in such a way that replication would not be easy – in lamen terms, custom-designed. Certainly exuding the dramatics of the brand, the store displays all things Burberry from accessories, a large shoe gallery, the trench coats we love caressing our body in the rain, and duhh all the ready to wear to feast on.  Bailey made sure his newest and grandest creation celebrated and defined British craftsmanship, which is why when you take your first steps, you won’t know where to begin, so just sit and bask in the beauty for a bit #beforeyougobroke.

Fashion Night Out 2012: Through The Glass

If you stood home to watch the VMA’s last night, you probably weren’t trending on twitter--- social outcast! I mean with all the hoo-haa surrounding Fashion Week, how could you not take part in Fashion Night OUT? I mean it’s like Christmas in September for us Fashionistas! All the designers came out of their sweat shops, toss their needles (or sketch books) aside and WOWed us with few of their decadent designs and flawless freebies, course if you don’t care for fashion than you might as well go for the free stuff (we are in a recession afterall).  Though I can attest to the fact that Fashion Night Out is always a cluster funk, it’s a cluster I always manage to get lost in; if I’m not star gazing, I’m getting lost in all the people donning designers. Last night was absolutely sick – I mean after getting an ALEXANDER McQueen scarf por GRATIS… I’m in love, aside from some cool Marc Jacobs gloves and all the calming cocktails.  Didn’t make it out – take a gander at some of the swanky FNO destinations that were trending on every social media site known to man! 

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Window Shop: Treat Mummy to a taste of British Heritage for Mothers' Day

With global stores, augmented reality experiences, and recognized as one of the most social fashion brands, Burberry continuously dazzles us with its constant reinvention of heritage each season.  Iconic for its sophisticated tailoring and customizable trench coats, they are no stranger to what women covet.  For Spring/Summer 2012, indulge in tribal luxury handcrafting with feminine delicate detailing; crochet, beading, carving, weaving, braiding, and printing evoke a ‘joyous, upbeat’ nostalgia whilst textures and patterns evoke a more tribal edge.  With a touch of Africa and the brand’s legendary heritage, two worlds have come together to tempt us to lands afar.  So why not treat mom this Mother’s Day for a trip for two (Africa AND Great Britain) - no passport needed - just your credit card and good taste! WINDOW SHOP the Burberry New York windows now live on ImagineFashion.

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Burberry World Live : Breaking Barriers In Taipei

A dreamscape of cloudy skies over cities where wind blows us to wood lands afar, where the forces of Mother Nature heightens our senses, beckoning us to immerse ourselves in a land known as Burberry.

Combining an eight part, 360 degree film, a live musical orchestrated by local Taiwanese colleges, and digitalizing British weather (all directed by Christopher Bailey), Burberry World Live is the first multi sensory experience to blur the physical and digital dimensions of the brand.  What exactly does that mean?  That Burberry diehards (like myself) can now immerse themselves into the heritage of the British brand, experiencing its customized weather, music and fashion. A fete to say the least, it was the opening ceremony to celebrate Burberry’s latest accomplishment - breaking new ground with its newest store in Taipei (not to mention its largest store in Asia!). 

Playing host and director to the entire affair, Bailey continues to bring the brand closer to his consumers, gifting them with a digitally-elevated shopping experience.  It’s no wonder Burberry is one of the most popular brands in the socialsphere; the power to engage and entertain while we eye out our next customized trench coat... I'd say the force is with them.

Click through for a virtual tour of the new location and don’t forget to pencil in your date with Burberry World Live!

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A fruity mix at Moschino; delectable delights at Mulberry

One Lavish Purchase - Facebook Buys Instagram /

Beautifying the way we see windows, iF takes to Instagram to indulge in eye [window] candy in NYC

“You know what’s cooler than a million dollars?... A billion.”  A transaction of cash and Facebook stock and Instagram was sold to its highest bidder - Marc Zukenberg. 
Easy to share across social channels (whether you're a die hard Tweeter or a hard core Facebooker) and its wide array of photographic filters, its no wonder why everyone’s obsessed! While that’s not the only reason the free app (available via iphones until last weekend) achieved +30 million users, we can safely say that fashion and beauty have a huge presence on the platform. 

Designers to bloggers, stores to brands, have taken to Instagram to beautify their pictures - including the iF team!  From the boutiquesque streets of Soho to shopaholic’s heaven on Madison Avenue, we’re always on the hunt for delicious eye [window] candy! Today - in honor of Zukenberg’s lavish throw down - we bring you some of our favorite window delights around NYC; Saucy ladies at Agent Provocateur, a fruity mix at Moschino, delectable delights at Mulberry, Babes at Burberry, funky prints at Paul Smith and more than one reason to get carried away at JimmyChoo.

Be sure to follow @ImagineFashion & @FashionistaAtLarge on Instagram as we scout the streets for window delights!  And if you’re just as obsessed with Instagram as we are, check out our INSTAGRAMERS AROUND THE WORLD board on our Pintrest account to be featured or submit your own windows through to:

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